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next GENERATIONTM  references  

"I am just writing to commend you for your stance on palm oil. It is very difficult finding products these days that don't contain it. Having recently become aware of the issues surrounding palm oil, I am attempting to shop totally palm oil free, which is a real challenge! I already used your products, and am very happy to find that I can continue to do so.
Keep up the good work!"
Regards, Carly Day from Red Beach (September, 2009)

"Your the only ones who go as far as to make your laundry scoop CARDBOARD!! and not a plastic bag in sight, well done I say. Clever people you lot. Congratulations on thinking different."
Janette Hateley, Westport (January 2009)

"Just a wee note to say thank you. I am quite passionate about my washing - I love freshly laundered sheets and soft clothes for the family. I have tried many different brands in my quest for the perfect result and spent a fortune in the process. I chose Next Gen. Laundry Powder due to Target tick and I'm hooked. It may cost slightly more than some of the brands but I use less product and don't require fabric softener; which is better for our septic tank, more cost effective, environmentally acceptable and the kids smell good! Cheers and thanks for the solution - I'm looking forward to trying your other products."
Sonya Ross, Taranaki (January 2009)

"Working in the Animal Welfare Industry, I am delighted to find a product that is not tested on animals. I bought your mini tablets Citrus Dishwashing Tablets recently. I can honestly say that after the completed wash, my dishes looked sparkling clean with no marks."
Ingrid Seymour, Hamilton (November 2008)

"Hi. I just wanted to write to let you know how much I love your laundry powder. It is a fantastic product and is our first choice powder. My son gets quite bad eczema and using your lovely lavender laundry powder has meant his skin does not react to his clothes. I realise that there are other products on the market that are sensitive or low allergy but most of them are not as economical or as effective as yours. Thank you for this product, and that I can feel good I am helping the environment too. It's a win/win for everyone."
Averil Brown, Oxford. Canterbury   (October, 2008)

"Hi, I just had to write to say thanks for your washing powder, I just
opened another box and how lovely to smell lavender instead of harsh chemicals!! It has made a huge difference to my family and myself, I no longer have eczema on my elbows (that I have had most of my life) and I have comfort in knowing that no terrible chemicals are going on my children's skin. Not to mention that it is one of the cheaper detergents out there! I have, and will continue to recommend you to my friends, thanks again."
Kim- Waitaker, Auckland   (August 2008)

"Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that my husband purchased your product when shopping - just to save money (I normally get the Finish Powerball tablets). I am totally sold on them! The mini tablet works fine on our wash and substantially reduces our costs (I am on maternity leave). They are the only tablet that cleans our dishes first time, rather than 1/2 the dishes going back in for a second wash. So thank you very much and I will make sure I tell my coffee groups and friends alike."
Shelley- Bayswater, Auckland   (August 2008)

"I wanted to drop you a line to say what fantastic products you have.  Recently due to a TV programme about animal testing, I've switched to products which  don't test on animals.  The fact it is also great for the environment is a bonus. 
I also like the fact it is NZ made and I like supporting NZ companies. Great packaging and pricing too."
A Duncan - Wellington (Nov 2007)

"I just wanted to say thank you for making a great laundry powder. I have been using Ecostores powder happily for a long time but found when I made the switch to cloth nappies they weren't coming out clean. I discovered your powder was cheaper so decided to give it a go, it works really well and I'm telling my friends about it. Will start using your other products now too, well done!"

Joanne - Avondale, Auckland   (May, 2007)

"Hi there, I just wanted to let you know how great the automatic
Dish Washing Powder is. I decided to change to your brand for environmental reasons but didn't expect it to be a better product than the common brand I was using. Thanks so much for making it available. I hope others will change to your brand!"
Angela - Auckland   (March, 2007)

"Recently on my daughter’s 8th birthday she spilt orange food colouring on her brand new white and pink skirt.  I immediately thought the skirt was ruined, I couldn’t imagine any product getting food colouring out.  I did soak it in your Soaker for a few minutes and the food colouring had faded but was still definitely there.  I had hung it on the line for about an hour when a girlfriend came around.  She suggested I soak it again, which we did for approx half an hour and every bit of the food colouring came out.
Thank you for making such an awesome product.  I’ll be recommending it to everyone."
Rebecca & Ivan Cleary - Auckland    (March, 2007)

“I am very pleased with all aspects of your laundry powder  (Next Generation).  I have tried another eco-friendly laundry powder, but yours is better on several counts:

  • it smells nicer
  • It’s better priced
  • the measuring scoop is cardboard and not plastic (well done whoever thought of that) and it’s well designed with the levels on the inside – brilliant!

I’ll definitely continue to purchase your product."
Sue – Howick

“I have been using the Next Generation Laundry Powder for some time now and absolutely love it, can’t wait to try the rest of the products.”
Sandy - Upper Hutt

“I work for a company where we grow rare species of plants; we look at how the environment and pollution affect the plants etc. I was very happy when I found your Next Generation Laundry Powder, as it costs less than Eco Store and also disperses and dissolves better than Eco Store Laundry Powder. I am absolutely thrilled with it and can’t say enough about it being a really good product.”
Lisa - Rothesay Bay

“Just writing to say how pleased I was that someone had finally produced a product like Next Generation Laundry Powder, where the whole packaging could be thrown out as it was biodegradable.”
Maggie – Auckland

"I'm really impressed with these products - the results are great and they're a pleasure to use."
Alex - Auckland

"I'm really pleased with all your products."
Auroa Christchurch

"Your Laundry Powder is excellent. My daughter has eczema and she experiences no problems."
Lara - Rotorua

"Awesome products. Clothes feel fresher, more 'breathable' and comfortable to wear".
Liz - Dunedin

"Your Fabric Conditioner is the best one I've ever tried."
Elizabeth - Auckland
















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