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our company

Quantum Pacific Limited is a small New Zealand owned and operated family business which was formed in 1999 by Barry and Leanne Robertson. Nine years later the family has been extended by three children and the company now has some great products under the brands Active, actiMax, next Generation and Ceraclen within the cleaning, laundry and dishwashing categories.

Q: What differentiates Quantum Pacific Limited from the rest?
It’s easy!

our R&D is done in-house by our own chemist

our factory and office is Green Tick environmentally sustainable approved

we have a zero waste corporate philosophy

all our products are manufactured in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions

we believe in a high standard of ‘personal service’ to all customers and consumers.

Ensuring top quality products are produced, we are constantly looking to develop innovations for the local and global markets.  We are also currently working with the local authorities as an example to other manufacturing businesses to what can be achieved.

next GENERATIONTM  history

next GENERATIONTM was born when Barry Robertson recognised the need to provide consumers with quality products that performed as well as the non-eco market leaders at the same time without the high cost that typically accompanies this type of product range.

next GENERATIONTM products are fully biodegradable, meaning they breakdown naturally over time. The bottle and label are made of the same material so they can be recycled together. Many other brands have a plastic bottle with a paper label. These have to be separated before recycling takes place and can be a tough job. Our next GENERATIONTM Laundry Powder carton is made from recycled cardboard and rather than having a plastic scoop we have opted for a cardboard scoop to make things easier on you, as well as the environment.

It is easy to think that your household is clean but if you typically use chemical cleaners, just think about what you’re putting on your skin or breathing into your lungs. There is more pollution in your household than you think. It is like nicotine, over time you may not think it is doing you harm but the long term results can be costly for everyone.

One of the most important roles we play is keeping ourselves and our families healthy. As the use of synthetic chemicals has increased over the years, so have illnesses such as cancer and asthma and many experts see a clear connection between the two.

If we all help to educate our children and grandchildren now, they can pass on what they have learned to the next generations to come, to protect them from the negative health effects that come from toxic chemicals and protect the longevity of our Planet.

We look at ourselves to provide our customers with top quality products and innovation that are produced for the local market as an alternative to the larger multi-national companies that produce products to only meet the global market.


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